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국가: 보스니아 헤르체고비나

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Al Jazeera Balkans 실시간 스트리밍 시청

Al Jazeera Balkans (AJB) is an international news television station headquartered in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina aimed at the media markets of the countries that used to be constituent units of SFR Yugoslavia. It is part of the Al Jazeera Media Network.

The station broadcasts in ″the common language spoken in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro″ (formerly usually referred to as Serbo-Croatian) from 7.30 to 3.30 CET (start and end 30 minutes later on the weekends), with subtitled Al Jazeera English programmes being shown the remainder of the day. Al Jazeera Balkans is a sister channel of the Arabic language Al Jazeera and the English language channel Al Jazeera English.

The station broadcasts news analysis and features as well as documentaries, live debates, current affairs, business, technology, and sports highlights.